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    Route443 and Semperis Announce A Partnership to Deliver The Next Generation of Enterprise Identity Protection to Europe


    Maastricht, Netherlands and New York, New York, February 2017 – Route443, the premier provider of professional services for cloud and hybrid enterprises, and Semperis, the leader in Active Directory and cloud directory services protection and recovery, announced a partnership today. The companies will work together to establish a new standard for IAM and help enterprises achieve optimal identity protection on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.


    Semperis offers a much-needed innovation at a critical point where AD is increasingly the target for cyber-attacks, and as more enterprises adopt the assume breach approach. Among the solutions, Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery™ (ADFR) can restore an entire Active Directory Forest using internal intelligence to understand the exact schematic make-up of a Forest. In cases of AD disaster, ADFR automatically orchestrates the recovery process. Semperis Active Directory State Manager™ is the only solution that continuously tracks AD modifications in real-time and presents them on an admin dashboard. This enables IT professionals to compare any two AD states and revert to past states within seconds when Object and Attribute Recovery is needed.


    “As we guide our customers along the path to identity-driven security, we recognize the importance of business continuity in IAM, with Active Directory acting as the identity repository for the majority of organizations. Semperis provides robust and advanced, yet affordable solutions for ensuring both the integrity of this essential asset and its’ speedy recovery, in the event of disaster.” Damian Myles, the Route443 CTO, said.


    “We are very pleased to form this partnership” said Mickey Bresman, Semperis CEO. “As organizations increase their reliance on Active Directory, and hackers treat it more and more as a key target for attacks, we aim to be a step ahead of the game in identity protection. Route443 is a trusted partner in delivering our advanced technologies to the European market. We are looking forward to establishing more progressive standards in IAM protection together.”


    The partnership launched in January 2017 from Route443’s base of operations in The Netherlands, to offer innovative identity protection products to organizations throughout Europe.


    About Route443: Route443 is a premier provider of professional services. We help businesses deliver and enhance their on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based services, through our extensive knowledge of Identity & Access Management solutions. We work closely with our customers, to help them realize their strategy and vision, in fulfillment of an effective IAM architecture. Collaborate and innovate, combined with the strength of partnerships.


    About Semperis: Semperis is an enterprise identity protection suite that helps recover your enterprise from cyber breaches and identity system failures, on-premises and on cloud. Founded in 2013 by experienced Microsoft professionals, Semperis serves customers in the financial, healthcare, government and other industries worldwide. Semperis solutions are accredited by Microsoft and are included in the latest Gartner reports.