• Organizations today face increasing challenges protecting their most valuable data and sensitive information. From dealing with a variety of file formats to safeguarding the movement of data, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive approach to information protection in place to ensure that all data has appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

    Sharing is Caring

    Advances in technology have enabled organisations to process more and more personal data, and to share information more easily with virtually anyone, but it also gives rise to equally obvious security risks. The more information that is exchanged our processed, the greater the risk that the information will be lost, corrupted or misused.

    Breach of Data Can Be Catastrophic

    Loss or breach of data can be devastating to a business or organization. The impact can be calculated in many ways, from costs and business downtime to repercussions associated with the premature disclosure of sensitive data such as layoffs or financial results or reputation damage. If, despite the security measures you take to protect the personal data you hold, a breach of security occurs, it is important that you deal with the security breach effectively. The breach may arise from a theft, a deliberate attack on your systems, from the unauthorized use of personal data by a member of staff, or from accidental loss or equipment failure. However the breach occurs, you must respond to and manage the incident appropriately. Having a policy on dealing with information security breaches is an important step that any organization should consider. It's not just a matter of IF, but more WHEN and how do you KNOW ?

    Define your strategy

    There is noone size fits all” solution to information security. The security measures that are appropriate for an organisation will depend on its circumstances, an organization should adopt a risk-based approach to decide what level of security they need.

    Route443 can help you protect and manage your data regardless of where the data resides, how it’s being accessed or who is using it. Instead of addressing a single element, our data protection strategy employs a comprehensive approach that looks at the entire solution, including persistent data protection, data loss prevention and incident response.

    How can we help you ?

    Route443 has extensive consulting and implementation skills in identity and access management technologies and solutions, supported by sound infrastructure and security expertise.
    Our identity solutions range from:

    • Strategic initiatives
    • Requirements analysis
    • Building business cases all the way to a program of works.
    • Implementation of tactical solutions to solve specific business problems.

    To maintain that competitive edge, information has to be available any time, any place; one of the many reasons why companies adopt Cloud technologies. Route443 can assist with your implementation of Identity and Access Management, to help ensure your information stays safe.

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