• Merry Christmas and a happy and SECURE New Year!

    This year, again we have been able to contribute to improvements in cybersecurity for many organisations.
    More and more directors with end responsibility realize, with growing awareness, the critical business risk factor this domain embodies: it being all about the continuity of your business.


    With more people necessarily working at home, the importance of safe information flow and handling of data over insecure networks is paramount: increasing newspaper headlines concerning business compromises, serving to illustrate this risk. Behind the scenes, to cope with the increased demand for our cybersecurity specialists at Route443, we have also been undergoing significant organizational change:
    Expand our team of cybersecurity specialists
    We are expanding and seeking to recruit only the best people in our domain. Finding the right people with the correct skills is no mean task, requiring a lot of effort and energy.


    Enhance management
    Fast growth also requires different skills to realize such growth in a controlled way.
    Route443 was originally built up by cybersecurity experts Edwin van den Broek, Dennis Radstake and Damian Myles, and our new partners Marcel Kuypers and André van Wezel will provide additional impetus and guaranteed attention for strategic focus and financial control.


    Sales Office at the Vrijthof in Maastricht
    We managed to rent new facilities in a beautiful building on the corner of the Vrijthof, in Maastricht. Where better can you get inspiration than on a spot that shares the serenity of the Sint Jans-church and the Sint Servaas basilica on the one side, and the bustling terraces on the other?
    We had hoped to invite you personally in our new office at this time of the year. We will certainly do so, as soon as we can, in a safe way.

    For now, we send you this message wishing all of you:


    Merry Christmas and a happy and SECURE New Year!
    The Route443 Team

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