• Security 2.0

    Reset to Zero-Trust

  • Transform to a inside-out security approach

    Identity security should be your top priority.

    According to recent cyber breach investigations reports, more than 80% of cyber breaches are identity-driven. Attackers increasingly steal and exploit the credentials of employees, contractors, supply chain providers and anyone else legitimately connected to a business to pose as authenticated insiders. This enables them to avoid early detection and move laterally across the organization to launch bigger, more devastating attacks.


    Attackers disguised as legitimate users can be incredibly difficult for security teams to track down. Faced with an explosion of new endpoints like the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, an increasing reliance on cloud workloads and SaaS applications, identifying good vs bad actors is more difficult because the attack surface continues to expand with velocity.

  • Our services

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    Route443 provides next generation cybersecurity consulting services to help your organization build cyber resilience from the inside out.
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    Route443 lights a path to in-depth cyber resilience and zero trust by offering managed and defined projects, end-to-end.
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    Security Oversight Service

    The Route443 cybersecurity team provide governance and security oversight services to help organizations assess information security risks and compliance.
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    Support Services

    Our cybersecurity support services offers security and technical support, maintenance, and cyber-incident support around the clock, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year.
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  • About us


    Through consultancy, projects and support services, Route443 guides their customers to secure identity by Zero-Trust: Pragmatic security in a cloud world.


    Secure your business, start your journey with us.

  • Management Team

    The Route443 management team brings deep industry knowledge and proven experience to the table. A focus on continuous improvement and professional management results in Cybersecurity solutions that improve our client’s businesses.

    Damian Myles

    Security Researcher & Co-founder


    Dennis Radstake

    IAM / IT Infrastructure Architect & Co-founder



    Edwin van den Broek

    IAM / IT Infrastructure Architect & Co-founder


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    Secure your business, start your Security 2.0 journey with us.

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